Hello everyone! I’m Miki and I love watching anime, Asian dramas, reading manga and playing games! I’ve always been a person that follows many blogs but never being active on them. I was interested in blogging, so here I am!

I have been watching anime seriously (not including those years where I watched Pokémon) since 2014 and have been reading manga since 2013. I’m a huge fan of Pokemon and many other visual novel type games like Danganronpa, Ace Attorney, as well as the Persona franchise.

As for Asian dramas, I have been watching them for as long as I can remember. However, my primary interest is currently on KDramas. My Korean friend showed me Master’s Sun and I was hooked! That was the start of my descent into the Kdrama hole.

I also like Kpop, but am more of a casual fan. I don’t stan any groups, but recently I’ve quite enjoyed NCT’s songs, like Moonwalk, Boss, and many more.

I like crafting as well, but I’ve only picked this hobby up because I needed my hands to move and do something while I watch my dramas and anime. Am I the only one who has itchy fingers?

I’ll post reviews on the anime and kdramas I have watched, as well as some insights on certain topics relating to anime and kdramas. I might post some babbles on my favourites from time to time so stay tuned!