The King: Eternal Monarch: Lee Min Ho is back!

After 2 long years of waiting, he is back! 1. Lee Min Ho The trailer does its job well, I have to say. I'm thoroughly excited for this, to my surprise. I'm not the hugest fan of Lee Min Ho, and while I do enjoy his works, he isn't an actor I immediately think of … Continue reading The King: Eternal Monarch: Lee Min Ho is back!

What is the appeal of whump?

For the longest time, I've enjoyed stories with whump. Many of you are probably asking, "What exactly is whump?" Whump is a term that I have stumbled upon recently. Before, I would call whump fan fiction hurt/comfort fan fiction. Today I will explore and hopefully try to answer the burning questions regarding whump: What is … Continue reading What is the appeal of whump?

Review: Log Horizon

I recently got interested in checking out Log Horizon, after it being out for quite a long period of time. (I know I’m pretty late to the party, being almost 6 years since the first season) I wasn’t interested in it when it first came out because I wasn’t exactly the biggest fan of isekai […]